This is for the courageous ones, the misunderstood,

The victims of stigma. That think they’re no good.

We get your coping strategies, forced smiles, sweaty palms,

Your daily demons, palpitations, tummy flutters and heart knocks.

You show your weakness so that others can see light,

We see your battles and internal fight.

You show us guts, your resilience, we know that you are strong,

You show us bravery, helping challenge‘social norms’.

So yes life is tough and you can live it in fear

But its never quite as tough, as you are my dear. 

Starting a new conversation

One in six people in the U.K suffer from a common mental health disorder.

Our Heartstrings collection is designed to help change the stigma attached to mental illness and create positive change!

Show your support and wear a Heartstrings x Heartknoxx t-shirt with pride!

10% of all Heartstrings profits are donated to the mental health foundation in support of raising awareness for mental health disorders.


#Mentalhealthistrending is a movement pioneered by Heartknoxx & creative agency & digital strategists, APS Group. The campaign was designed to help generate awareness for mental illnesses and raise profits for the Mental Health Foundation generated from the sales from our Heartstrings collection. 

Hell bent on changing the world’s attitudes towards mental health, Heartknoxx is dedicated to bringing about positive change, using slogan tees to make statements, start conversations and normalize the concept of mental illness. 

Heartknoxx is so much more than a t-shirt brand.. as we believe in the power of positivity and that those who think they can change the world, often do!

How can I support?

Show that there's a person behind the post!​ let’s get 'mental health trending' together by sharing our own experiences. 

Write 200-300 max explaining; what mental health means to you or share your own experiences with mental illness and why you want to support our campaign.

Send to along with an unfiltered picture of yourself or share on Instagram tagging our page. ​

Tag @mentalhealthistrending  #mentalhealthistrending

You can also shop the full collection online, with the assurance that 10% of each tees profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation - providing support to the silent sufferers.