It’s time to define our difference,

& be proud of our strength.


To shatter expectations,

& turn social stigma on its head.


​To be bold,

& to be our own kind of beautiful.


To flip the middle finger

To stereotypes,

​because life might be tough,

But we’re even tougher.


We aren’t afraid to wear

Our heart on our sleeve

Or to push positivity.


​We’ll stand out in a crowd,

United in style.

 Style that empowers us all

 To embrace our true selves.

Unafraid, unfiltered

& proud of who we are.


​More than fabric,

More than slogans,

More than sizes, shapes &

Follower counts.


​We are changing

The way of the world,

One t-shirt at a time.



The Leopard is bold, dignified & courageous and is often used to symbolize a person’s character. 

Ever heard of the saying “A leopard can’t change its spots?” Well at Heartknoxx we think they can!


As THE rebel fashion brand with a cause, we wanted to break convention and challenge status quo, whilst also cementing ourselves as a desired clothing label that not only creates amazing products… but also prompts some interesting conversations with our slogans too!

At Heartknoxx, we understand that you have to be bold to be our own kind of beautiful and so we continually strive to flip the middle finger at stereotypes because we know it’s a person’s attitude that truly brings our designs to life.

Keeping inclusion at our core, 80% of our ranges are designed to be unisex, rethinking the boundaries around ‘his’ & ‘hers’ clothing, because it’s our shared belief that labels are for clothes… NOT for people.


Appealing to the stylish set, our iconic statement t-shirts & sweatshirts have become firm favourites worn by international DJ’s, Sports & TV personalities and fashion icons from around the world.


The concept of Heartknoxx began in 2018 when founder Helen Hope had the idea of forming a purposeful ready-to-wear label, mixing contemporary fashion trends with intelligent design.

“I created Heartknoxx during a time in my life where quite honestly, I wasn’t doing so great.

After a prolonged stint of unemployment & financial uncertainty, I’d finally reached breaking point & achieved ‘burn out’ status!

Despite being an extremely difficult time for me, these struggles set me on a path towards my lightbulb moment, providing me with an idea that has not only brought me back to life doing something I loved, but that has also allowed me to highlight the topic of mental illness in a positive & progressive way.

I wanted to establish a highly sort after, yet purposeful clothing brand, for people like myself, that not only created quality garments but also delivered a caring message and so Heartknoxx was born. “


" The sensation of your heart racing,

pounding, fluttering, skipping or adding an extra beat."

Founder Helen Hope discussing all things anxiety & her person journey into entrepreneurship. Video Credit to @virginradiodxb 

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